2017 World Harp Congress,Jul. 7-13, ’17

The Silicon Valley Youth Harp Ensemble, directed by Sonya Yu, has performed in the 2017 World Harp Congress, in July, Hong Kong. They performed the Medley from My Neighbor, Totoro, Mission: Impossible, and Super Mario Brother Theme. More report: http://www.siliconvalleyharp.org/

Student Education Sessions (SES) 2014, Silicon Valley Chapter of the AHS, Feb. 9 & Mar. 16, ’14

Student Education Sessions Purpose:  “Student Education Sessions” are a two‐part program for all levels of harp students.  The focus is on the improvement that can be made by participating in both sessions. On  the first day, participants will play two selections of music representing differing styles (if  possible) and receive constructive comments and suggestions from the …