Student Education Sessions

Each year, the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Harp Society hosts the Student Education Sessions (SES). Through this 2-part program, participants workshop two harp pieces with an annually selected professional harpist who serves as the adjudicator. In Session I, students are able to get feedback and tips from the adjudicator as they are in the midst of learning their pieces. About a month later, students perform in a recital and are able to present their work and improvement to their peers, family, and friends. Harpists of all ages and stages are welcome to participate in the SES!

Past adjudicators have included Annabelle Taubl (2023, 2022), Dr. Kimberly Houser Taylor (2021), Dr. Beverly Wesner-Hoehn (2020, 2019), Lynn Taffin (2018), Karen Gottlieb (2017), Laura Porter (2016), Dominique Piana (2015), Meredith Clark (2014), Jessica Siegel (2013), Dan Levitan (2012), Ellie Choate (2011), Karen Thielen (2010), and Linda Wood Rollo (2006).

2019 SES