Private Harp Lessons

Private lessons allow me to focus on the individual student’s talents, ability and interests to tailor a curriculum designed specifically for them. My instruction follows a logical progression that focuses on building the student’s technique and skills. I incorporate music theory throughout.
I encourage and prepare all of my students to perform, and provide many opportunities for them to do so, whether for community service, or simply for enjoyment. I can prepare a student to perform at high levels for orchestral pieces and competitions.
I am an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School.

Private Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons allow me to work with beginning to intermediate level students, focusing on their specific abilities and goals. Whether a student is studying for pure enjoyment, or is focused on attaining high levels of study, I can tailor their experience to their desires.

I provide a fun and methodical curriculum that creates a scaffolding to build on as a student progresses to higher playing abilities. My curriculum allows students to play a wide variety of music through which they will develop technical abilities and a strong sense of musiciality. Students will be taught music theory throughout their lessons. I am also able to prepare a student for exams if so desired.

I am an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School.

Compositions & Arrangements for Students

Students often want to play particular songs for enjoyment, a special occasion, or in an ensemble. I am able to create a harp arrangement tailored to their skill level. Alternatively, I can also work with the student to teach them to write the arrangement themselves. Developing musical arrangements contributes to a student’s music theory skills and contributes to their ear training. In addition to working with students on arranging, I can also provide instruction in the editing and adjusting of music, a necessary skill for any musician.

Online Lessons

I offer private lessons online that follow the same structure and offer the same benefits that students in my studio receive. Online lesson are available to anyone in the world, even to my students who come to my studio for private lessons. Lessons may be conducted using the student’s preferred online method: Skype, Facetime, Google+ Hangout, or WizIQ. I will work with you to determine the best set-up to use to conduct the lesson. I accept PayPal, which takes all major credit cards.

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Harp Ensemble

Harp ensemble classes are a wonderful opportunity to meet other harpists, and learn how to perform music as a group. All harpists from beginning to advanced levels may participate. The class meets weekly, and focuses on a final performance in the community. Students can earn community service hours by participating in these performances.

My Studio

My newly renovated studio, centrally located in West San Jose, is equipped for teaching harp students at every level, with a wide variety of harps available. A piano completes the set-up that is fully focused on teaching students individually and in groups. My studio has also become a venue for events that foster learning for the larger harp community.