2014 Performing Arts Competition, Youth Focus, Nov. 6-7, ’14

Performing Arts Programs T.A.D.D. – Theater Arts and Dance Division T.A.D.D. is a unique performing arts educational program for youth, ages 9-24, which fosters community service and contribution. This stimulating program provides exceptional educational opportunities for young people to gain valuable experience performing before live audiences at local community events. It further fills a significant …

Benefit Concert, the Allegro Trio Oct. 24, ’14

Benefit Concert  featuring​  Lee Hsieh, Charissa Leung and Sonia Ruiz​ — ​Winners of CMTANC 7:00 pm, October 24., 2014​​ Recital Hall of Santa Clara University All proceeds go towards Friends of Children with Special Needs and New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation.  

Silicon Valley Youth Harp Ensemble (Y.E.S.) now accepting enrollment

The Silicon Valley Youth Harp Ensemble now is accepting new enrollment. The purpose of Silicon Valley Youth Harp Emsemble Success Program (Y.E.S.) is to provide a friendly and musically fun social environment that entices students to learn and share together. Playing in a group inspires students to continue their involvement with music. The Y.E.S. Program …

般若讚頌音樂會, Aug. 02 & 04, ’14 in SJ & LA, CA

般若讚頌音樂會   團體簡介 夢蓮花讚頌合唱團與交響樂團分別成立於2001年和2006年,  每年定期在台北國家音樂廳舉辦音樂會,更遠赴新加坡,香港,加拿大等地演出,所到之處皆獲得熱烈的迴響與肯定,優異表現受到各界認同,一場場音樂會感動了成千上萬的觀眾。 

The Arizaon Harp Experience, Aug. 11-15, ’14 @SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

        Source: ” This summer is all about “Create Your Success!” This exciting program celebrates all the aspects of YOU that will make you a successful professional. From solidifying your technique and overcoming self-doubt to learning to improvise and play jazz, this joy-filled course will give you all the tools you need to …