Accepting new members for Junior Harp Ensemble

Learning and playing music together with partners uplifts musicianship tremendously. By working with each other, students quickly sharpen their sightreading skills, rhythm, musical interpretation, and teamwork. Now is the great opportunity that the enrollment is open to accept beginning to intermediate levels of students to play in a harp ensemble. There will be many opportunities …

2019 Student Education Sessions Evaluation by SVCAHS

Source: The Student Education Sessions Evaluation Program hosted by SVCAHS were on March 24 and May 11, 2019. Congratulations to students who have completed both sessions and performed beautifully at Maryknoll Seminary.      

2019 Certificate of Merit, MTAC

Big congratulations to Katika (Level 9) and Melody (Level 6) for being awarded the 2019 CM Harp the State and Branch Honors, and Sophie, Iris, Elena and Caroline for being awarded the Branch Honors. Your hard works were seen and rewarded!