Mrs. Linda Wood Rollo





Harpist and teacher Linda Wood holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Redlands and a Master of Music degree from the University of Southern California (USC). Her numerous honors and awards include the World Harp Congress Award of Recognition for Service to the International Harp Community (2002), the Distinguished Alumni Award (Univ. of Redlands, 1987), to name a few. She has published over 15 volumes of music and teaching materials for the harp and is co-owner and publisher of Music Works-Harp Editions with Susann McDonald.

Clarence Tang

“Thanks, for being a supporting person of my harp life. You are the best instrument teacher I’ve ever met. Thanks for all the things that you have done.” – Clarence T.

Stacy Oliver

“Thank you, Sonya, for your excellent teaching methodology and uplifting manner. It is a joy to have you as a teacher, as you inspire students to distinction. My daughter became comfortable with the harp right away, and enjoyed being able to play songs right from the start. The recitals you organized were positive experiences: both …

Lauren Oliver

“Mrs. Yu is not only a methodical, precise teacher, but a very positive one. She was never satisfied with “good enough,” but pushed me to be my very best, yet at the same time praising what I did right and encouraging me to do better. She invested in me as an individual and generously gave …

D. Li

A lot of teachers teach to live. Sonya is a teacher who lives to teach! -D. Li

Karen Macauley

I have enjoyed watching Sonya teach our son harp for the past year and a half. He started at 6 years old, but she had no problem keeping him engaged in the lessons and the music. She has a knack for working with young children through gentle leading. Sonya’s sweet disposition, coupled with strong guidance …