About the Program Director

Sonya Yu is a certified and experienced harp teacher. Sonya has studied the harp with internationally known harpists such as Sophie Clavel at the National Taipei University of Education, and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin at the University of Arizona, USA, where she received her Master’s degree.  Occasionally, Sonya took lessons from the world renowned distinguished harp teacher, Miss Susann McDonald, and works closely with Mrs. Linda Wood Rollo, the highly admired mentor in the harp community.

Sonya traveled and performed in the National Music Hall, Taipei, Taiwan and many other places around the world. Not only an active performer, Sonya also has studied and holds several certifications and credentials of music education from the Department of Education of Taiwan, State of California and Arizona, the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and the Leading Edge Certification from iNACOL. She has also completed Rice Univeristy’s training program to teach AP Music Theory. Since 1999, Sonya has performed concerts and given lectures in the Bay Area. Sonya also has been serving local professional music teachers organizations, such as organizing the Student Education Sessions for the Silicon Valley Chapter of American Harp Society and the Student Evaluation Program for the California Association of Professional Music Teachers, as well as contributing to the California Music Teacher Association of North California and Chinese Language Digital Teaching Association’s teacher training programs.

Sonya has dedicated her life to sharing her gift and love of harp and music. Her goal is to enlighten and raise its awareness and appreciation. She encourages and educates her students to help them excel and achieve their musical goals. Among her students, there are several outstanding young harpists being recognized and praised highly in orchestras and competitions.