Congratulations to the 2023 Yvonne La Mothe Schwager Competition winners!

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the 2023 Yvonne La Mothe Schwager Harp Competition!


Gold: Aryana Lall

Silver: Sunnie Yan

Bronze: Swara Prithvi

MusicWorks Prize: Sunnie Yan

Harpiana Prize: Swara Prithvi

Level 1

Gold: Charlotte Trinh

Silver: Aaditya Amin

Bronze: Loha Jun

MusicWorks Prize: Aaditya Amin

Level 2

Silver (tie): Michelle Huang

Silver (tie): Camille Chu

Bronze: Ileana Gasquy

MusicWorks Prize: Michelle Huang
Harpiana Prize: Ileana Gasquy

Level 3

Gold: Aden Eva Barbuta

Silver: Viviana Alfaro 

Bronze: Rebecca Rudy

Harpiana Prize: Rebecca Rudy

Salzedo Prize: Aryana Lall

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