Community Service Performance at JW House, Santa Clara, Nov. 12, ’16

JW House is a home away from home where helps “keep families together during medical crises by offering a welcoming home close to the hospital and providing a caring and compassionate environment that inspires hope.

The MusicA2G harpists were honored to perform at the JW House on Nov. 12, 2016.

The participating harpists and program were:

Yanyi Ku- Silent Night & The See-Saw

Rebecca- Edelweiss & Ay, Ay Chapanecas

Daniel-Minuet, Amazing Grace, Petite Berceuse, & the “Entertainer” Theme

Clarence-Month of May, Harvest Song & Le Garcon Courageus

Katie- Dussek Sonatina No. 2, Ten Past Two, & Pistachie

Chengzi-Claire de lune, Song in the Night

Emily-Voice of Youth & Fire Dance

Thank you for your excellent performance and deep appreciation to parents who support the Community Service!! Care to Play; Play to Care!


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