Student Education Sessions, Apr. 3 & May 1, ’16

Purpose: Student Education Sessions are a two-part program for all levels of harp students. The focus is on the improvement that can be made by participating in both sessions. On the first day, participants will play two selections of music representing differing styles (if possible) and receive constructive comments and suggestion from the adjudicator. A theory worksheet guideline will also be given to each student to take home and be completed with the assistance of the teacher. The worksheet must be returned in the second session in order for the student to receive the final certificate. In second session, participants show their improvement by playing the same two pieces of music in a recital setting. Participants who attend both sessions will receive a handsome “Certificate of Participation” from the American Harp Society.

Days & Time:Session I will start at 11 am, on Sunday, Apr. 3 at Sonya Yu‘s studio (West San Jose)
Your performance time will be scheduled and sent to you after all applications are received. You may request a certain time and we will try to
accommodate you. Arriving on time for your appointment is extremely important.Session II will start at 2 PM on Saturday, May 1 at Shan’s residence.

To find more information and register online:

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