“From Autistic to Artistic, A Miracle Through Music” 《從自閉到藝術》音樂會- David Ren Solo Concert, May 31, ’14


David Lawrence Ren
Gold Winner of the Yvonne La Mothe Schwager Harp Competition, May 2013

Golden State Youth Ambassador at the California State Fair, July 2013

Second Place Winner in the US Open Music Competition Instrumental Solo Senior Event, February 2014

David, a bilingual American-born Chinese, is an almost fully recovered autistic young man. He achieved his incredible improvement through years of persistent hard work. David has played the piano for 15 years, and became Ms. Rose Chen’s student one year ago. He has studied the harp under Ms. Sonya Yu for over 12 years. He also plays the recorder, flute, Chinese zither, and classical guitar. Wanting to increase his musical abilities, David decided to start playing the ocarina. After just 9 months of lessons over Skype with his ocarina teacher Ms. Cris Gale, who lives in Texas, David has astonished her with his fast learning and speedy progress. Music’s contribution to David’s continuous recovery from autism cannot be overemphasized. David brings about awareness for autism and autism prevention by performing his music at local community events. The story of his success against autism has been covered by Chinese media from all around the Bay Area.

When David is not performing music, he enjoys playing video games, practicing Chinese calligraphy, studying Chinese painting, and cooking delicious meals.

David currently works as a Healthy Cooking Consultant, selling Saladmaster 316Ti cookware. He wishes to save up for college and pursue degrees in music, visual arts, culinary arts, and business. His life goal is to become a successful and famous music teacher, Chinese calligrapher, and Saladmaster dealer!
In support of music education for autistic children in the Bay Area, the profits from this concert, “From Autistic to Artistic, a Miracle through Music”, will be donated to two non-profit organizations: FCSN (Friends of Children with Special Needs) and The Silicon Valley Chapter of American Harp Society.

For further information or questions: Jennifer Chen, 408.621.5496, email: thejenniferchen@davemadeit.com.

Find more information at FB group: David Made It.

任奕維,現年20歲的ABC青年,是一位和樂英勇勤奮又自知上進的自閉鬥士。因父母無經驗兼欠察,四歲半時才被診斷為高功能自閉症患者。母親陳女士因有感於既有的教育體制不符合其發展需求,決定以家塾自定的教育方針來啟迪他。精通中英文, 已完成高中階段教育,暫時還沒進入大學修習的計劃,現下專注於音樂與書法兩項才藝發展。奕維是由美國豎琴協會灣區分會主辦的 Yvonne LaMothe Schwager 豎琴比賽2013年最高級別組冠軍得主,也是 California State Fair 2013年之 Golden State’s Youth Ambassador 頭銜持有者。雖然語言發展尚有待完善,但奕維卻能演奏多項樂器,包括:鋼琴、豎琴、陶笛、古箏、長笛、吉他等等,他的心願是能學會“玩”上10種樂器!

這場音樂會是任奕維個人的第二場《從自閉到藝術》音樂會, 將在5/31黃昏時分在 Le Petit Trianon Theatre 舉行,酌收每人贊助$20.  本場音樂會募得款項會捐助給華人特殊兒童之友”及 美國豎琴協會矽谷分會


詳情請恰: 陳韻如 Jennifer Chen, 408.621.5496, email: thejenniferchen@davemadeit.com.  臉書group: David Made It

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