California State Talent Competition hosted by Youth Focus, Inc., Apr. 25-27, 2014


California State Talent Competition

“Everyone Wins and No Body Loses!” This is the continuing theme of the Youth Talent Competitions staged annually for performers ages 4 through 26 years. Everyone who participates is given an award in recognition of their participation to take home to encourage them in their development. The purpose of the annual competitions is to stimulate and motivate young people to strive for a standard of excellence in their quest for vocational and professional training whereby they can be rewarded for their accomplishments and achievements through a competitive awards program.

Further, the competitions were formed to encourage young performers from within the county as well as the state to continue developing their talents and to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities through self-competition, which will expand their performing arts skill to greater heights.

This type of competition gives each young performer an added reason and purpose for the continuation of their respective studies, an incentive to continue to work at perfecting their talents and serves as an outlet to show their fine abilities to their friends, parents and the community at large.

More than 5,000 young people participate in these award programs each year.”

Deadline:  4/14/2014

Piano & Instrumental Performance Competition April 25 (starting at 6 PM) and April 26 (starting at 9AM) at Bayside Community Church Main Auditorium at  1901 Cottle Ave. San Jose, CA

 Dance & Vocal Performance Competition April 26 & 27—(starting at 9:00 AM both days) at Bayside Community Church Fellowship Hall at 1901 Cottle Ave. San Jose, CA

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