March of Harps

This 3-part tour of the Lyon & Healy Harp factory in Chicago exhibits its 120 years of harpmaking experience. Each hand-crafted pedal and lever harp is instilled with a legacy of superior woodcrafting and commitment to the development of the instrument. Join harpist Lavinia Meijer as she tours the factory to see the building of a mechanism and soundboard, plus hand-carving, gilding, pedaling, the showroom and more.

March of Harp
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Watch this video to learn about Lyon & Healy CPO, Certified Pre-Owned, (used) harps and its website A Lyon & Healy CPO harp is the perfect choice for those who prefer not to purchase new, but want to own and play on a Lyon & Healy. Harps are brought back to Lyon & Healy from its Bounty Program (in which certain harps can be turned in toward the purchase of a new harp of greater value), trade-in or because they were lightly played at demonstrations, exhibits, workshops or recitals. Available harps are updated daily.

CPO harps:

Certified Pre-owned:

New Lyon&Healy:

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