Why study with Sonya?

Having many years of teaching experience, I focus on starting my students with strong basics, help them understand music in a broader sense, and work for their success as they take their music into the world.

I offer in San Jose private harp lessons and private piano lessons. For students and peers in the harp community, I organize regular recitals, masters classes, evaluation programs, and performance opportunities. I also foster and encourage young musicians by maintaining relations with experts in the harp and music community, and by adapting to special needs and unique objectives.

“Thanks, for being a supporting person of my harp life. You are the best instrument teacher I’ve ever met. Thanks for all the things that you have done.”

– Clarence T.

“Thank you, Sonya, for your excellent teaching methodology and uplifting manner. It is a joy to have you as a teacher, as you inspire students to distinction. My daughter became comfortable with the harp right away, and enjoyed being able to play songs right from the start. The recitals you organized were positive experiences: both in the helpful feedback and by being able to listen to musicians of greater ability. Thank you!”

 – Stacy Oliver

“Mrs. Yu is not only a methodical, precise teacher, but a very positive one. She was never satisfied with “good enough,” but pushed me to be my very best, yet at the same time praising what I did right and encouraging me to do better. She invested in me as an individual and generously gave so much of her time to help me improve my musicality. Because she believed in me, I was inspired to work harder and achieve my goals.”

– Lauren Oliver

A lot of teachers teach to live. Sonya is a teacher who lives to teach!
-D. Li

I have enjoyed watching Sonya teach our son harp for the past year and a half. He started at 6 years old, but she had no problem keeping him engaged in the lessons and the music. She has a knack for working with young children through gentle leading. Sonya’s sweet disposition, coupled with strong guidance is a powerful teaching combination. She works hard to help her students succeed.

I have also had the opportunity to watch Sonya work with our teenage daughter who has been playing harp for almost 8 years. Sonya works extremely well with musicians at this level too, offering thoughtful instruction and demonstrating enthusiasm for their successes. I highly recommend Sonya as a teacher of any discipline she offers in her studio.

– Karen Macauley

Sonya Yu was my classical/pop piano teacher since my 3rd grade and taught me throughout my childhood until high school. She has set my fundamentals for all music and taught it in a clear and fun manner. After her work with me, I have been able to perform by myself at school and outside of school (fundraisers) and has helped me to continue a hobby in music. (ie, small mixed vocals in school)

Her annual recitals were amazingly planned and were absolutely enjoyful to watch. She gave positive and constructive criticism to all students who performed and helped to fix any mistakes made for the next recital. For any person who wants to start a career in music or even just a hobby, I recommend Sonya Yu, an experienced, reliable, professional and generous mentor in music.”

-Michael Wu

Thank you so much for all your work with the girls. You are both a very skilled and compassionate teacher.

– The Estradas